Free Bulky Waste Collection


Have you heard, that the Tories at the Town Hall intend to start a free bulky waste collection trial, from December 11, 2017 to March 9, 2018.

I personally, would like to see this service provided, all year round. I believe, that this would significantly save the Council money, by reducing the amount of fly-tipping throughout our city?

According to the Council, initially there’ll be more than 1,000 free collections during the first month of the trial with a daily limit of up to 52 households.

Across the second and third months, a daily limit of 26 collections will be in place, although this could be increased based on demand.

Households will be allowed one free collection during the trial of up to 10 items, including mattresses, fridge freezers, white goods and furniture.

I will be asking the Peterborough City Council to look at preventative measures to STOP FLY TIPPING repeatedly taking place at NORWOOD LANE and surrounding areas in Peterborough.  

Please leave your comments below…….

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