High Street Banks Disappearing



Do you think the decision taken to close Banks is a good one? Was you asked?

The latest bank to announce closure was the Co Operative Bank “Westgate Peterborough” in January.

I agree their is a proportion of people who have access to the Internet  can access their bank accounts, that is their choice isn’t it.

I am very concerned about the customers who cannot access the digital world,  what provisions are in place for them,  more and more utilities, services  are systematically being taken away apparently this is down to how people choose to bank,  stats to confirm  is 5 million customers now use mobile banking app.

Cash machines are accessible almost every where, every garage or small  local shops provide that facility inside the store.

Due to the mobile cash machines been targeted for theft (This is a risk due to frequent  burglary, smash and grab)to withdraw your cash you are charged   a fee to withdraw your own cash ! Only last year another incident sadly happened in Gunthorpe Do you think this is safe,  or the way forward?

Post Offices are are also struggling to serve the public on a day to day  more demand is being placed on the staff Postmaster Post Mistress  to provide the facility  to be more of a accessible business what with longer opening hours !! and some are offering to open on Sunday ( Day of Rest ) so whats the alternative?

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