Update:Noneffective Road Etiquette

Just back from doing a site visit with colleague Darren Fower, after speaking with the home owner who confirms this is the second time early hours of Monday morning.

The family was shaken by the impact the resident said ” They was woken up by what they thought was a explosion” the whole house shook .

The damage from what you can see is just the beginning s Structural Engineers report will need to be conducted.

A window is boarded up for the safety after a brick wall impacted  had bricks ricocheting through the window, causing further damage  inside of the home, the residents had a narrow escape.

The incident took place early hours of the morning, the Police have provided a incident number and the drivers insurance company are investigating the incident.

The aftermath not only caused extensive damage not only to one home but also into a secondary partitioning fence.

The driver of the vehicle, other than shock sustained no injuries.

Gunthorpe Ridings residents are asking for Action, Tougher Measures are Needed IMG_0407


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