Local Gunthorpe resident Sarah Townsin contacted me, about the speeding on Gunthorpe road.

Sarah wants to arrange a Petition with support from other local residents who said in recent weeks, we’ve had another incident where a motorcyclist sadly lost his life.

Sarah said this is one death too many, residents trying to cross the busy road are putting their own lives at risk .

I will be supporting Sarah asking for action, and presenting Peterborough City Council with a Petition, regarding what safety measures could be introduced?

Gunthorpe road mainly has retired residents and young families with two schools on a busy main road and a childcare service Before and After School and Holiday Club, because there is the potential to get killed or seriously injured if you look in one direction or try to cross the road at a slower pace i would like to see some traffic calming measures introduced.

Please do let me know what you think below.

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