Windrush Scandal

Former teacher Ken Morgan’s passport was confiscated as he travelled back from funeral in Jamaica in 1994

Windrush victim refused British citizenship despite wrongful passport confiscation

Morgan moved aged 10 from Jamaica to the UK in 1960, before Jamaican independence, travelling on a British passport. He attended school in London and lived and worked in the UK for more than 30 years until 1994 when he travelled to a relative’s funeral in Jamaica. On his way back to London he was stopped at check-in and his passport confiscated.

He was unable to persuade officials at the British high commission that they had made a mistake, and he remained stuck in Jamaica for a quarter of a century until the Windrush scandal broke, when British diplomats called him out of the blue to offer him a temporary visa to allow him to travel back to the UK. He applied for British citizenship in 2018, during his first visit home.

His application was rejected, after a delay of almost two years, on the grounds that he had been out of the country on a date five years before he made the application (at a time when he was barred from being in the UK because of the decision to confiscate his passport), and that he had spent more than 450 days out of the country during the application period (a period when he was not allowed to be in the UK).

One Reply to “Windrush Scandal”

  1. It beggars belief that the government is able to get away with such blatant discrimination meted out by it’s civil servants. Institutionalised racism is so endemic it appears as thought its written into certain job descriptions outside of the equalities agenda!
    Absolutely devastating and awful..

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